Recently I leaped in to the hd bliss of Voom and its Gallery Channel. …Originally I came to it thinking it would be a dumb down channel for the masses, but quickly discovered this channel is closely tied up to the German/French celebrated and my favorite ARTE channel and of course it is all but dumb. I was dumb to assume this,…you will say!.

Quickly I was watching Julian Schnabel at his studio doing his oversized stuff, Kim Young Jim in Korea doing his amazing fluid realtime videos and Tony Oursler recording his videos. Now, you have to understand that I watch lots of movies in my tv but most of the time I do not watch flipping channels tv, and I have never up to this point watch any of the so called reality tv… but I was quickly seduced to see Jeffrey Deitch from Deitch Projects host a reality tv show called Artstar, a tv program where 8 emerging artists try to become a star… in our little niche?!… in 30 days, non the less!. It was very reminiscent to see the artists get another asshole by art critic Barbara Pollock and to see Jeff Koons in; what I imagine has to be his most diplomatic side, give artists suggestions on how to be a trendy artist. It was fun to see inside the studios of real artstars like Koons’ many painters assistants, as well as inside the studios of Kehinde Wiley, Ryan McGinness and Jon Kessler. I am not sure how long this show has being running but I am now one artstar reality tv fan(believer).

ps: for those of you who are tech cool, I have dvred this episode and soon will be sharing it on my msn messenger shared folder, send me an email if you want to get access to it. By the way, I like the girl with dreadlocks on the floor and be careful, the blonde on the right is a guy.