Natural Entropy

Researching recouvrement continues where works comprises a canvas cloaked in a thin or thick layer that obscures the painted surface below.

About The Artist

Pablo González-Trejo is a Cuban-American-French artist living and working in France since 2007. He started creating artworks with intimate visions on what makes up identity and today his paintings connect to the infinite via entropic abstract natures. He unconsciously disconnected himself from any Cuban and American ghetto like communities to be able to observe them with detachment, he has individuated himself and his career. Individuating oneself means stepping over into solitude, into the cloister of the inner self. Inner adaptation leads to the conquest of inner realities, from which values are won for the reparation of the collective. This perspective gave way to one intimate performance with his family where they were invited to deface socialist icons and where the main results were healing and the beginning of Defacing art project.

Between 2006 and 2013 Pablo orchestrated and realized his Defacing art project. Social performances with different communities took place in contemporary art centers in Miami and Paris where the public was invited to deface or erase paintings to create new memories and relations towards political icons. The objective was to force the collective to face demons and social stereotypes set about finding ways to sabotage the artworks, to undermine this notion of a singular context and a singular dialogue between art and the spectator.

About the Artworks

There is here in his artworks something to do with the origin, a state of the natural world. As he progressed on his research and with each subject he painted, he scrambled all representational codes and all direct gesture on the canvas. Today the canvas is painted by using a cumulation of techniques where no brush or palette knife is used to apply paint. A fascination for pure color, ancient pigments related to art history and just the brilliance of the pure pigment. He experiences transparency, especially in blues and purples defining the undefined spaces. For him to paint is to live the vibration of color, in pure retinal enjoyment.

It is about surfaces, depths, thicknesses, vibrations, erasure and transparency. Through a juxtaposition of layers of pure pigments and for the sake of just thinning colors, his paintings veer to express the idea of an infinite and multiple universe. From canvas to canvas, we perceive his quest for purity and pictorial absoluteness. If he travels between figuration and abstraction, the goal is always the same: to touch the Ether. The Ether as a celestial space in the air of absolute purity, the Ether vibrating under the influence of a light source.