Guillaume Lemarchal

The poetics of an empty landscape. I am happy to congratulate my good friend Guillaume Lemarchal for being awarded the HSBC grant. He is currently showing at Galerie Michèle Chomette and you can see a couple of shoots of his show here below. more on him here

Nathalie Bibougou

©copyright ADAGP Take a look at work of Nathalie Bibougou, an artist I have met here in paris that paints portraits of Melvin Van Peebles and other interesting subjects.

Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille

P1030725.JPG, originally uploaded by pablogt.   Dijon Graduates art big… too. These two friends Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille graduated from Beaux Arts Dijon the same year as me and have become very strong in their work. I was happy to see this new work...

Adler Guerrier

Adler Guerrier’s Work, originally uploaded by pablogt. Congratulations to Adler Guerrier for being admitted to the Whitney Biennale 08 and just announced as an addition to Ingalls & Associates Gallery roaster of artists… his site, read more here, his...

Going to India

Travellers, originally uploaded by pablogt. Here we are trying some hats for our trip to India… I know it does not show but that is a Locust Projects hat… it would have a performance during my travels to India, it would serve as a hat… if galleries...