Some of us jump to make ourselves more desirable, and some us to make other artist’s dreams a reality.

This article here below explains a facet of our risky chosen career that up to this point escaped me all together. I saw it happened here in Miami with some good artists but was not aware of the game.

The First Gallerists’ Club
Published: June 18, 2006

In my first podcast published March 11, 2006, I spoke about the artists behind the artists. This article here explains well what I meant to say.

Looks Brilliant on Paper. But Who, Exactly, Is Going to Make It?
Published: May 7, 2006

I just received, hot off amazon Collecting Contemporary By: Adam Lindemann

The first quote on the book can give you an idea what the book might be about. ‘Art is about life, the art market is about money.’ —Damien Hirst. The book contains 40 interviews with the biggest players in the global art market.