Here is a trailer art piece that I liked from the same two artists I reported on yesterday. Please click on play now and please be advised the content is sexually explicit… and it is art.

Le dejeuner sur l’herbe (2006) by Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau
Hommage to Edouard Manet

Here is the trancript of the trailer translated from the original French dialogues:

I undera • Me • I don’t understand • Contem…porla art • Contemporla art • Contempora art • Contemporary art • I need some action • What can I do? • Tina, do you want also? • Yes why not • These carrots are cold • I like it when it starts to glide • My am so blored • I am so bovrled • Bored • I am bored! • I also want to • Finally some action • Those young guys are crazy • I wait and see… what will happen • I know… what will happen • She sucks good this-one • Allright it’s blonde • Oh yes she’s blonde • Oh yes she’s hot this blonde • This old guy stinks • I know his dick by heart • I neam qua want it fuck • Now I’m going to fuck you • Like a dog • Camembert is so delicious! • I love cheese! • It starts to stink • To stink • At least I earn my five thousand crones • For moment it’s ok • For the moment it’s ok • I’ve had enough • I want to fuck • Not to eat the camendberts • The camen… cag… cagam… cam… mam… bert • Hopefully it’s will be over soon • Hopefully it will be over soon • Oh yes she sucks gool • She sucks gool • She sucks good! • They have no… imagination… these artists • It’s really terrible • Me, I like it! • Now we are going to eat… chocolate mousse! • It looks like poo • Go on, go on my dear… eagle! • Go on, go on my dear… eat it! • Go on my pig… eat the tomatoe! • He’s quite cute this pig isn’t he? • Bon appetit!