Bluish Mist

The Aether as a heavenly space with an air of absolute purity.

Pablo’s paintings depict a reinterpretation of the Italian Sfumato. It is about surfaces, depths, thicknesses, vibrations, erasure and transparency. Through a juxtaposition of layers of pigments and for the sake of just thinning his painting, Pablo veers to express the idea of an in nite and multiple universe. From canvas to canvas, we perceive his quest for purity and pictorial absoluteness. If he travels between guration and abstraction, the goal is always the same: to touch the Ether. The Ether as a celestial space in the air of absolute purity, the Ether vibrating under the in uence of a light source.


Oil on Canvas


Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, Untitled, Oil and Pearls on Canvas, 81 x 100 cm, 2017