You all might be aware of this already, but just in case, check out one of my favorite art writers, the unique Thomas McEvilley in the PS1 Art Radio podcast. His book Art and Discontent: Theory at the Millennium is the only one I have read so far but it is so exciting in its straightforwardness to explain art in its complicated simplicity that I used to quote it to pick up girls. Ok, sounds crazy but at the time I thought it was in a place where girls might have cared…for such things. I also did some retyping of whole chapters to send by email just to make a point of how simple life-art could be. Regardless of all that, it is a must! read! book.

Also, the ps1 Art Radio has in its Art Talk section some cool podcasts including Glamorous Jen Denike in episode Artists Buying Art, very intereting inside and Miami Fabulous Christina Lei Rodriguez, Brandon Opalka, Pepe Mar, Ali Prosch and Christian Curiel in episode The Up-and-Comers. Check them out.