Craigie Aitchison

Craigie Aitchison did some art defacing to his self portrait. Created in the late 1950s/early 1960s, the image was destroyed by the artist after a visitor to his studio called the portrait ‘flattering’. Aitchison reacted to the perceived criticism by...

Andreï Tarkovski

Andreï Tarkovski had still polaroids that seem to have the essence of art in them. See this collection of prints at bright bright day.

My Picture is a sum of Destructions

The old days’ pictures went forward toward completion by stages. Every day brought something new. A picture used to be a sum of additions. In my case a picture is a sum of destructions. I do a picture – then I destroy it. In the end, though, nothing is...

Warhol TV

As an undisclosed Warhol fan, fan, fan, I was extremely happy to see Warhol TV and all his media experiments with all these cool artist (except Courtney Love)

The Radicant

The radicant is becoming my little white bible… “In ordinary language, ‘modernizing’ has come to mean reducing cultural and social reality to Western formats. And today, modernism amounts to a form of complicity with colonialism and Eurocentrism. Let us bet on a...