I once felt it.

Since some of you might not get what the heck is this post about, allow me to clarify it. I once left Miami for a girl in France… We met in Salamanca, Spain and it was fire love, young love, playground love, she was and might still be my favorite flavor, my favorite love. We lived together for around nine months where I showcased with flying colors my lack of maturity and need to experiment with other women. She left me…I lived in Dijon for four more years and secretly hoped that she will one day contact me. Ten years later, a few threesomes later, one great other love later with a little Japanese girl that I will also always love, I started sending my business card to her parents house in the hopes that she would email me, well it worked. I am now chatting with her weekly and she looks like the song says, like a piece of gold that flushes all my soul.

I have tried to reason matters of the heart… and everybody who I talk to about this looks at me like I am crazy, as if I have lost my head. Yes it might be true, but one can lock its heart away for so long… why not love all the way even if it is not meant to be… why not be in permanent love even if it is with someone I can no reach…I have to admit that here in Miami there are girls I am interested on, but it is not quite the same. I wish I can understand this things better, so I am going to try to find out if I can feel.